A lone Werecat that has been residing in Alagaesia long before the elves landed ashore on its beaches, and has lived several different places many many years before that. He originally was traveling to another far off land in seek of something meaningful when he stumbled upon Alagaesia; he was fascinated by the dwarf's culture and most importantly the dragons. He decided to stay for a few decades. He spent his time learning as much as he could about the dragons. After 58 years of nonstop study his knowledge of dragons exceeded all except that of the dragons themselves. This is still true to this day. The dragons grew to trust him more than any other non-dragon before him and still none since. In fact, whenever a dragon died, yet made a decision to live on in their Eldunari he was entrusted with it and kept them locked away safely. Over the years he has collected hundreds and is still is regarded as the "Keeper of Hearts" .As the decades turned into centuries the elves finally landed. With the elves came more conflict and magic.