Fanon  What If Chapter 1- Meeting Garrow and Marian

Brom pulled up in front of the brick house. It was a little past noon so everyone was inside for lunch. Brom got out of the wagon and helped Selena down. She smiled sweetly at him. They joined hands and walked up the path to Garrow's house. Selena rapped on the door three times with her knuckles. A few seconds later Garrow answered the door. His brown hair was starting to recede.He smiled as he saw his sister.

" Selena what a suprise and who is this?" he asked.

" This is my husband Brom" she responded.

Garrow smiled and shook Brom's hand.

" How do you do" he asked.

" Very well thank you" Brom responded politely.

" You must forgive my husband's manners"  Marian said as she stepped forward holding a squirming baby in her arms.

" Oh I beg your pardon" Garrow said" Do come in," he said.

They entered the house carefully whitewashed house and Marian took their coats.

" Congratulations " she said to Selena as she saw her belly swollen with child. " We had our son Roran last year." she said happily. Then, she began to cough into a hankerchief.

" Escuse me," she said" Would you like to join us for lunch?", she asked.

" That would be loveley" Selena said.

They all sat at the tabled seated for four and Marian poured hot tea . An hour later after pleasant small talk Brom and Selena went into the town of Carvahall.