The House of Verona is a dynasty of Kings and Queens who reign over Alagaësia.           


Close to the end of King Xophanio's (A descendant of Queen Nasuada) reign,four ships,all full of travelers,landed on the coast of Surda. The people on board had come from a land called Verona,which was suffering from a famine,and was no longer inhabitable. Their leader,a former Lord named Ramandu,won over the King instantly with his knowledge and his wit. When Xophanio finally passed on,Ramandu enjoyed a brief yet glorious reign as King until he himself had to pass on,giving the kingdom over to his daughter,Lilliandil.

Important HistoryEdit

During his brief reign,Ramandu had become interested in the culture of the Elves. He was intrigued by their magical abilities,their beauty,and most of all,their bond with the now-revived Dragons. Ramandu began sending his Ambassador,along with several nobles,to Du Weldenvarden in an effort to form a friendly alliance between them. After his passing,Lilliandil continued her father's work,later becoming one of the few Elf-friend.

Queen Marion had a fondness for the Riders,allowing several of them to be stationed in Illeira. She also made regular visits to the Eastern Lands as a visitor,and as a child,wanted to be a Rider. However,she was unaware for a while that one Rider planned to take the Kingdom from her.

List of Kings and QueensEdit

The known Kings and Queens of Alagaësia are listed below

  • King Ramandu (1st Ruler)
  • Queen Lilliandil (2nd Ruler)
  • King Makaidos (3rd Ruler)
  • King Etrigan (4th Ruler)
  • King Valorata (5th Ruler)
  • King Balthazar (6th Ruler)
  • Queen Bellatrix (7th Ruler)
  • Queen Liatris (8th Ruler)
  • Queen Andromeda (9th Ruler)
  • King Altador (10th Ruler)
  • King Torak (11th Ruler)
  • Queen Jerdana (12th Ruler)
  • Queen Marion (13th Ruler)
  • King Merok (14th Ruler; Unoffical. Taken from Marion)
  • King Rilian (15th Ruler)
  • Queen Miriam (16th Ruler)
  • King Erlian (17th Ruler)
  • King Tirian (18th Ruler)