Keareyai is a 16 year old male rider from Ceunon. He was presented with the opportunity to become a rider if the teal dragon egg would hatch. It hatched for him and he presented his new dragon with the name Vornuin, which was accepted. His attire is a light weight leather jacket with one sleeve on the right arm. In replacement for the missing left sleeve is a metal gauntlet that covers his whole arm. The metal has a stone like texture yet shines like polished steel and is very durable. He wares matching slim fit worn leather pants with thick leather boots. The forearm of the gauntlet has a 2 ft x 1 ft buckler shield that resembles a dragons head. He also has a one handed cross bow that he made to easily and swiftly reload with minimal use magic. His rider sword is named "Stál Vindr" (Steel Wind) a one handed rapier with a thin long sword-esk blade. Vornuin is a male dragon who enjoys pushing the speed of flight to the limit. He encourages the learning of wind currents upon Keareyai, who enjoys the concept as well. Vornuin is a more slim framed dragon with amazing agility in flight. Keareyai is the last of his familys blood line since his mother died after his birth and his father died as an soldier of the empire. Keareyai always tries to avoid unnecessary conflicts. He is intelligent and makes up situations in which he would have to resolve problems, for both political and military issues. He also enjoys testing his limits of physical and mental strength, which is his major flaw because he never backs down from a challenge. People often tell him "You have intelligence, but don't put it to good use." his stubbornness prevents him from seeing the meaning of those words.