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The General
Created by: General5 7
Origin: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 1000+
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: brown
Citizenship: Rider
Current Residence: Unknown
Affiliation: Dragon Riders
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Thel 'Vadam (dragon)

The General was a legendary Rider, who lived during the glory days. Nobody knew his real name, except for a select few. He was also known as the second-in-command to their leader, Vrael.


He was described as


Early LifeEdit

The General was born in a poor family. All of his parents died in a famine, and as a result, he had to care for his younger sister.

A few years later, she died from starvation, and the General then had to steal to survive.

One day, he stole a golden dragon egg (which he thought was gold), and surprisingly, it hatched for him. He named it Thel 'Vadam.

Life as a RiderEdit

The General became a Rider only a few years after the treaty between the elves and dragons, so it was only natural that he was very old. For many centuries, he served under the Rider leaders, and after a while, was promoted to second-in-command of Vrael, and as an Elder in the Council of Riders.

He wielded a sword named Rubilacxe, which was around four feet long, and a bright gold in color. It was one of the few swords that was not named after something in the Ancient Language.


The General was one of the Elders who decided that Galbatorix not be allowed to have a new dragon. Because of this, Galbatorix was eager to have revenge against him, who was his former teacher as well.

He disappeared shortly before his death, and his body was later found in a distant field where he fought Galbatorix in a duel. He was narrowly defeated, and Galbatorix, with Shruikan, were grievously injured.