The Urgal Deception is a fanfiction that begins before The Inheritance Cycle. It takes place in The Golden Era of the Dragon Riders.

Plot SummaryEdit

The Urgal Deception takes place in Algaesia, over which the great, loyal, elves rule under King Evandar. The great Dragon Riders are currently peacekeepers of Algaesia.

The "Incident" of OrthiadEdit

The story begins when the Urgals are holding a Trade Festival at the Dwarven town of Orthiad, under Ugie, the Urgal commander of trade. Ugie traded anceint Urgal pottery to a drunken Dwarf for the Dwarven Crystal of power. After the trade a squadran of Urgals are attacked by a Human Miltia.

The Dragon Riders Join the FightEdit

The Human Miltia kills the squadron very quickly. Ugie sends out a few more, as soon as two Dragon Riders show up. They're names were Oromis and Brom. Brom was Oromis's apprentice. The leaders of the Human Militia was Cayne, Elisca and Terri. Cayne and the fellow leaders, sneak into Orthiad and steal the Dwarven Crystal of Power.

The "Death" of CayneEdit

Cayne, Elisca and Terri retreat on their horses in a hot chase from Oromis and Brom. Cayne makes a plan and turns back to the battlefeild, only to be shot in the chest by a Urgal Archer named Oofa. Oofa is the last survivor and returns to Ugie. Ugie and Oofa return to the Urgal King, Amu. Amu adds both Ugie and Oofa to his council.

Elf SoceityEdit

Oromis and Brom return to Du Welvarden during a meeting between King Evandar and The Mighty Dragon Rider, Galbatorix. The elves are losing money and may fall to a minor civilization like the Urgals or Dwarfs, they're talking about a sulotion to this problem. The best of their ideas is to tax trade routes. Oromis and Brom debreif their mission to the commander of the Dragon Riders named Gragga, and learn a little secret, Cayne is still alive.

Urgal SoceityEdit

The Urgal council is disscussing another matter. Their is a new breed of Urgals, called Amoz. The Amoz are a cross between Urgals and Elfs. It is decided that Oofa will tutor the Amoz and Approved by Amu's dearest advisor. The last living Shadow Lord. Shadow Lords ruled Algaesia during the Shadow Era, but were defeated by the Elfs.

Rise of a WarriorEdit

Cayne and the fellow leaders are searching for their horses when they wander into a small Dwarf village. They are attacked by the dwarfs, but saved by a Human Assassin named Freck. Back in Du Wellvarden, the Elven council disscuss how to gain money and agree on taxing routes. Cayne finds his horses and they make it to the Human Capital yet refuse a new mission until fully rested. In the Urgal captital Oofa thinks the Shadow Lord is controlling Amu.

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